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Member Name: Dj Infinity
Sex: Female
Age: 42
Hometown: Eagle Pt.
Profile views: 326
Profile member: Artist
About me:
Dj Infinity was born listening to music. Even at the age of three in her hometown in Glens Falls,New York she was always found with a pair of headphones immersing herself in the sounds. Her early influences were through her musical family. Everyone in her family played a musical instrument. By age 6 she began playing the violin and hanging out with her brother's band which inspired her passion to create her own music. Upon graduating highschool she moved to Florida for college. As destiny would have it she was lead to the electronic scene and was blown away by her experience. This began her obsession for spinning records. She studied and practiced for many years always working towards creating her own music. In 1996 she moved to Ashland,Oregon to work for her best friend Ammaji at The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary, a rescue facility for exotic animals. Then,her life dramatically changed as she was blessed to meet her Guru and her spiritual path began. Her path of devotion became the most profound influence in her music. Two years ago she began producing her own music with the intention of bringing spiritual upliftment and awakening to the listener. Dj Infinity creates music with a very unique style. She blends the wisdom of an Enlightened Master with many musical styles and electronic genres including breakbeat,trance,techno,electro and adds the elevated sounds of sanskrit chant,positive aphorisms,meditative sounds,the lions of The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary performing their night calls, humans chanting into the sound of their own lifeforce, the ancient didgeridoo, whales and dolphins underwater as well as many other evocative,powerful sounds. Dj Infinity's music is a journey of the self through a merging of sound. Dj Infinity has already created 9 albums and has a brand new album out Now...The Time is Now...Manifest Destiny!

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