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Member Name: Playboy-T
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Hometown: Chicago
Profile views: 7340
Profile member: Artist
About me:
Born Dec. 5 on the Westside of Chicago as Tyree Leonard b.k.a. Playboy-T, P.T. was a musical child growing up, and at the age of six, Playboy-T was already writing music. After listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Rob Base, and other artists, he began developing his talent. Having already written music for 6 years, at the age of twelve, Playboy-T ran into BDC. BDC introduced Playboy-T into underground and gansta rap, were they started a group call Parental Guidance 14 a.k.a. PG-14. Playboy-T and BDC then began recording songs like “What I’m is” and their hit “My Life.” Following recording and failing to get a deal from Warner Bros Records, BDC decided to start a label called Divine City Records, and Playboy-T then became president of the label. After some time of struggle the two went their separate ways, and Playboy-T continued to rap as a solo artist. In 2000 Playboy-T then started a label called Unfadeable Records, with a producer/artist by the name of Scandalous whom he met while in Louisiana. Playboy-T found out that Scandalous was from Chicago too, and the two began working on forming the label. When Playboy-T returned home and began recording he was picked up by a label/management team called H&N Entertainment, which shortly led to him working on a deal with Sony Entertainment. The deal with H&N fell through after Playboy-T decided to return to Louisiana. Shortly after he was offered a deal from Plateau Records which he turned down to work on his label and album “The Playboy Mansion,” where he released his hit single called “Move Somethin” His single got him spins in Canada, Japan, and the UK, with select spots in the US. A year and a half later Playboy-T and Scandalous lost contact while P.T. continued to write and Scandalous went overseas to produce. While the two lost contact, Playboy-T called up BDC and asked him to come over to his label as the President. BDC came over and joined Unfadeable Records where they started the “Unfadeable Clic,” then the two began recording Unfadeable Clic’s album. They are still working together to release an album sometime next year. DJ Scandalous returned, and they continued their venture. Playboy-T is now currently working on getting a deal, and recording his new album “The Rebirth: Plan A,” which is anticipated to be a heavy hitter. If you like real music and real lyrics then you will dig his style of what he calls a gansta and a gentleman

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The Greats- Big, Pac, Jay, Bone Thugs and Harmony, and Twista
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