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Member Name: JOSE DIAZ
Sex: Male
Age: 49
Hometown: Victoria
Profile views: 1376
Profile member: Artist
About me:
Victoria, Texas musician Jose’ Diaz has been doing his fret-board gymnastics since the age of 13. His brand of high-volume-guitar-fueled-hard-rock has dominated his music from the beginning. From a humble high school gym in the early eighties, to the bright lights of the Riverside Convention Center, the few times that he has stalked the stage have been memorable to those who witnessed him live and unrestrained. His tornado-like finger-ballets cover the entire guitar neck and then some. For Mr. Diaz it seems the end of the fret-board is no barrier. His playing is the true essence of being “loud and proud”. January, 2008 saw the release of his 6th CDr by CDbaby.com. “CAUTION, DREAMS IN PROGRESS”, kicks out a wall of guitar-work and thought provoking lyrics. Jose’s juggling act of recording himself, mastering and performing on other artists works, coming up with new material, updating web pages, and a day job, is just the tip of his feverish mental iceberg. His music is available almost everywhere in the digital domain. And he adds new stores to his distribution belt as often as he can. His collaborators are many as well as the lists of websites where his music can be found. His works have appeared on several releases of the Compilation Series put out by A.O.G.MEDIA, and his guitar slinging has graced works by such artist as Terry Daun, and Jesse DeLaO, (the head of A.O.G.MEDIA). Some of the songs for A.O.G are even contractual “exclusives” found only on the media companies' releases. There is an unreleased work done with New York head bangers LOVEBONE and some online collaborations on Indabamusic.com. In addition to his collaborative works, Jose’ has appeared onstage recently with Jesse DeLaO as a guest guitarist for a CD release party for COMPILATION #7 from A.O.G.MEDIA. This was his first return to the stage in almost twenty-five years. Next was an impromptu jam with Danny DeLaO on guitar and “Mr. Madman” Saenz on drums for a video shoot of Jesses’ “DEATH ANGEL” which features Jose’ on lead guitar. On other fronts his songs have been played by radio and internet stations world wide and a current promotional push is underway in Australia. The band he formed in high school left its mark on Jose’ and is reflected in how easily he creates music both with and without others involved. His studio is a minefield of lyric sheets and guitars, headphones and microphones. The band LEGASYS may no longer exist but Jose’ does. The music is still being born and that’s what drives him, the music. Keep your ears peeled back for the next powerful offering from this secret of the gulf coast. The guitars will be loud and the songs will be proud!

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Main Influence:
Jimi Hendrix Randy Rhodes (another endless list!)
Most memorable moment in music:
My first time on stage at the Victoria Riverside Convention Center. The vocalist for our band,LEGASYS, pulled a no-show. I had to do vocals and guitar. It was still awesome as the kids packed the place and had a four-loop mosh going on!
Where do you see your career in five years:
LOL! What career?
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(an endless list!) mostly hard-rock and metal!
Favorite Magazines:
RECORDING MAGAZINE! Guitar World Heavy Metal(the comic book!) Sweetwater(catalogue)
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High Volume!
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NEWS!!!! (1)DEREK ENLIGHTENS (2)MY DAY - May 6, 2008 PART I Derek sent me an e-mail the other day. He showed me to a set of writings he's been working on. I was intrigued and felt much like those who followed Forest Gump across the nation on his "Jog". After reading, what I found was that I had been enlightened in several ways. I left a few notes to Derek hopeful that he'd catch them in his spare time. That is, after all, how I caught his message. Twitter was a lead he gave me. Now I have added it to the long list if websites I use. Feedback from friends who were already there is begining to come in. I'm up to 126 sites but only have been updating on the ones that actually show activity. Some have turned into fly-by-nights but I leave the page up because any exposure is still exposure. There was a great place a lyricist could take inspiration from Derek told me about. I added it to my favorites yesterday morning but a slight glitch erased it along with his e-mail. The site had to do with key words. They scrolled on the left and short quotes and other notes scrolled in the middle. The words were along the lines of;LOVE,HATE,WANT,LISTEN,,,Just put "WHAT DO YOU" in front and there you have the jist of the page. Truly an amazing place to find inspiration when writers block sets in. I'll have to keep looking but in due time. I'm a raging madman in the studio, but in here and out in the world, I'm a bit more laid back. A man of patience and focus, and wisdom I glean from great aquaintances like Derek. PART II My day starts at about 6:00 am. The alarm goes off. If I've had an idea wake me before then I may have been up an hour or two already. I clean up and log on. Check e-mails, reply, write a few new messages. Check certain sites due to activity. Maybe make an update here and there. This easily takes up two hours. After getting my digital freak out of the way it's nose to the grind-stone. 8:00 am to noon, 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Usually the hours are just 24 in a row. My day job is 24 hr call. It's a good enough one to pay bills and such. I've been there almost 30 years. Yes, you can laugh at this old man now! After 5:00pm or so, I may log back on to finish something I started that morning. this second visit can take anywhere from 30 min. to 4 hrs. I try to keep it short but when you're on a roll, hang ten! All day and all night, inspiration is floating about. It hangs nearby straining itself to turn into something almost tangible. It can be a fleeting memory or a silent shriek of eureka. Either way I must catch it when it coalesces. The evenings off-call are when I can sometimes spend a few hours in the studio. Tracking, mixing, mastering, I have to do it all. But I love the processes. If I'm not in the studio, I've got one of several sets of headphones glued on. I listen intently to the current line-up of songs very few people have yet heard. There is no album name, no artwork, no bar-code, no ISN#. The order I listen to the songs in is the order they come off the hardrive. I make no attempt to conform to any simillance of continuity whatsoever. The sun has gone down and so has dinner. If I'm lucky a cold beer or two. If I'm even luckier, the phone won't ring. It's too bad my number is so close to a pizza delivery place that I get calls from people trying to order pizza all day. When I order it I sometimes give the delivery driver a CDr. Having such a phone number does have it's perks. You get to talk to new people every day. You also get to see how people are all so different. Some hang up quickly, some chastise a person in the background for giving them the wrong number. Then there are those who lightly laugh at themselves and apologize for disturbing me. Still some others seem to hang on to my voice for some reason. Maybe I should write some talking pieces. Me do something along the lines of Barry White? Hmmm,,, Something like that, but my way. I know! I know! "SHUT UP AND PLAY!" We all have a story to tell and I'm no exception. I've always tried to tell my side thru the music. There may be a lot of pain and saddness, anger and defiance, but that's my life. I may have a decent job that Mom's proud of, but I have had some extreme hard times. I know many of you have as well. I'm just here to let you know your pain is understood, your anger is witnessed, and your tears aren't just evaporating into nothing. The salt that's left behind, from yours, and from mine, is what tempers the words of songs. It's what colors the notes and burns home the facts of the wounds we have. Nobody wins. Look at me. I'm stilll screaming with my eyes. The square root of love is what two people have done to each other along the way. Cupid shoots to kill. Caution, dreams are in progress and I'm not leaving until my body's in the ground! PUSH BACK THE CLOUDS! Thanks again! and more thanks!!! - May 1, 2008 Thank you all again for a record month! I hope the music continues to stay with you and I will make every effort to bring you even more! If you ever need a TV repaired call Orion Services here in Victoria.(361-574-9280) They do house calls and the prices are awesomely low! What actually happened was that a small can of Martha Stewart paint, (God only knows it got in my house!), wound up behind the TV and when Glenda moved it a bit the connector pin for the cable got broken off. Orion Services came by and had the TV back up in no time! Trust me, they know what they're doing! Well my Friends, 9 tunes are just about done. I'm not getting to work on themas often as I want to but I am making the most of the time I do find. I bounce them all of Glenda and go with what she feels. So far I have'nt worn her ears out! Looking at a few new sites right now so check the links page if your an artist who need places to shout out to the world from. I'll update when they pass my screening. Kenny The Gardener and LUNATICS ON PAROLE were set to do a house of blues gig but it fell through. I feel for them but I also believe LOP is of a caliber of talent far above THOB. Put Rob Zombie, Ozzy, a bottle of Jack, and a big green loogie in a blender, turn that sucker on and drop a match in. You'll be getting warmer. Kenney has a vox that levels mountains! LOP rules!!!! Lots going on that I'd like to go on about here, but it's late. The past few days have been a bit of hell. Long hours at the day job and it's hard for me to sleep at night. (Nothing new there) I had a lucid dream this morning that I really enjoyed. Behave! Not that kind. Felling comfortable these days is so rare that when we dream we are, well,,,,it can make us stop and think. Here it is 9:42PM and I'm still feeling comfortable. I ned another BEER! Keep pushing back the clouds. I'll keep bringing it to you,LOUD AND PROUD! BIT-O-THIS, BIT-O-THAT,,, - April 21, 2008 Greetings Rockers! I figured it was way past time for me to at least write something here. I'm still as hard at it as I can be writing new music and trying my best to keep up with all the new websites. Some are panning out while others I shall not name look like eye poking failures. But nontheless, ONWARD!!!! Thanks to all you fans who gave me another record month of visits. That you drop in from time to time is the very wind that lifts my spirits from day to day. Right now I'm flying on the fact that you seem to be headed straight towards another record month! I owe all of you big-time! Thank you all for spreading the word to friends, family, strangers, and enemies alike! LOUD AND PROUD! A.O.G.MEDIA has kicked off the next round of submissions request! This time around they are looking for videos as well as music. These two compilations will be another fine offering of great music you won't find in the mainstream. These are unsighned artists with talent to spare. Most of what I've heard over the years from A.O.G.MEDIA's compilations has blown me away in more ways than commercial music ever has. It's always fresh, original, and undeniably good to listen to! One of the truths of it is also the fact that these artists are from all over the world. Talent is out there. You only have to look beyond the playlists made by those who get paid more to play advertisments than to play music. Sympathies go out to the VT victims famillies belatedly for the recent anniversary of that tragedy. Sympathies also to my own famillia for the recent loss of Mildred Harvey White. I had not seen her in years and by the time I heard, it was too late. It's the worst way to gain the wisdom of "KEEPING IN TOUCH". If you have a family member or friend you have not contacted or visited recently I urge you to do so before you lose that option. The new project I'm currently recording is as of yet untitled. Nine tracks are fleshed out so far and I am having a lot of fun with a couple of new mics. Look for a few departures from the "same 'ol" this time around. I'll keep you posted on that. Jesyflowers signed the guestbook here with a link to a youtube vid. It shows some realistic and cool looking floral arrangments. They look like well known mixxed-drinks! Thanks Jesy! Until next time, KEEP PUSHING BACK THE CLOUDS!!!!!
Favorite songs of all time:
You Can't Kill Rock And Roll Save Me (endless list!)
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